Saturday, 23 August 2014

Singapore Kite Festival

  29 °C

This festival is an annual event that held in the Promontory @ Marina Bay, so the venue is excellent. Marine Barrage - locates diagonally across the Bay from Promontory - is the favourite place where Singaporean go to fly kites (and picnic). But it isn't big enough for a kite festival.

Naturally this event is very popular for the family. Some people may have a contrary view about Singapore, but Singapore is a happening place for young people. I didn't think so too. But then Singapore was a different place back then when I could consider myself a spring chicken (is that a chicken with a coil spring?).

There's a very narrow window in the year where it's good time to fly kites (at least to hold a kite festival) in Singapore.

Singapore Kite FestivalBetween January to May, Singapore outdoor could be quite hot and humid. Living practically in the equator, understandably, Singaporean like the sun as much as Russian like snow. I'm quite sure the Singaporean would find snowing magical while Russian find the tropic a paradise (this is evident by the allure of Pattaya to Russia as seen by my trip there as well as popularity of Maldives to the Russian).

In the 2nd half of the year, Singapore is increasingly wet until November to December when the daily chance of rain is greater than 70%. In last December, it rained practically everyday for the whole month (not that I totally dislike it).

So the best time to fly kites would be between the narrow window from May to July. August is a bit more chancy.

The 1st half of this year had been quite hot and dry comparing to the last 5 years of the same period that I lived in Singapore. Just when I thought it remains to be quite dry for the rest of the year, August arrived, and the rain started to pour. Just when I thought I bid a sad farewell to the wet La Niña, and a reluctant hello to the dry El Niño, I may have too hasty in doing so. But that's a topic for another article (which I will write by the end of the year when I have the whole year weather in perspective).

Kite shop in the Kite Festival, Singapore

Luckily, the day of the Kite Festival was a perfect day to fly a kite. It's mostly overcast, so it's quite cool (for Singapore) to spend time outdoor and no rain. In fact, it rained the next day on Sunday, which is the 2nd day of the Kite Festival weekend. On the ensuing Monday, it rained cats and dogs. Actually more like elephants and rhinos, which howled like a wolf (ok, maybe just dogs is a better description with the downpour). So we were lucky. It was a very close shave.

Holding the Festival between May and July would be a better bet.

Kite, Singapore Kite, Singapore
Singapore Kite Festival Singapore Kite Festival

Spiderman kite, Singapore
Is it a plane? Is it a spiderman? No! It's a kite flying in Singapore financial district !

Kite flying for the kiddies, and classical performance for the parents.

What a tangled (Spiderman's) web we weave

Financial shark

Singapore Kite Festival

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