Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Misadventure of My 1st Visit to Sports Hub

While they had completed the Sports Hub, much of the peripheral things hadn't quite finished. I thought the best way, at least the shortest way, would be to walk to the Sport Hubs from Kallang MRT station.

From the MRT station, you can spot the Sports Hub. It was a sunny day (meaning a hot and humid day. There's no other type of sunny days in Singapore). I followed some signs that pointed towards Sports Hub. After some walk, I reached a dead end.  The sky-bridge /overpass that takes pedestrians over Nicoll Highway was being dismantled, and to be replaced by a new one, I imagine.

View of Sports Hub from across Nicoll Highway. Look at the rare blue sky. Hot!
So close yet so far...

I could see the Sports Hub loomed large on the other side of the highway, but there's no way of crossing it because the highway has a fence between the 2 opposite traffic lanes. I should be able to climb over it. But then the highway traffic was unending.

I didn't want to give up after investing about 1/2 litre of sweat, 120 calories, and it was less then 50m away. It didn't add up if I give up now. I refuse to give up after bad loss. This is how I invest. So shall I apply to everything else.

I even tried to walk down to a tunnel underneath Nicoll Highway to see if I could somehow cross highway from there. Passing motorists looked at me curiously as I walked on the ledge of a tunnel with rushing traffic.

Tunnel vision

Nope. After some walk on the ledge of the tunnel, I can see light at the end of the tunnel. I could see that there's no way of crossing the highway. Just because there's light at the end of the tunnel doesn't mean there's a way up.

I returned to the surface (like the emerging of the innocent Eloi who's lost in the underground world of the Morlock).

I tried another route and another. I walked and I walked and I walked. Eventually, I collapsed in a park with heat exhaustion some 2 hours of walk in the sun. It was proven. My constitution wasn't equipped for tropical sunny days.

I took this photo before collapsing onto its moist, soft grass.
It's a nice way to go.

I saw a tunnel of light just before recovering. But that could just be flashback of the tunnel beneath Nicoll Highway.

Well, that's that. So close, yet so far (I'm talking Sport Hub, not death. But Mr. Death may say that about me). In this heat, the Sports Hub could have been a mirage, after all. Was there some vultures circling in the sky? I didn't notice. It could had been a black crow. Which is worse?

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