Sunday, 24 November 2013

Website Development for Rojak

Normally, Marrie - our executive producer - oversees the various tasks relating to all our film project. But since website development requires a working knowledge of IT, she requested somebody with an IT background to drive this task. As I'm not into anything that's resembling a managerial role, I declined. I'm more of a creative type. Ask me to do acting, singing, dancing, writing script, directing, photographing, film editing, designing logo, designing website, etc. I'm all for it. Managing? Not my cup of cha. Since nobody put their hands up (they were tied up), and this role needed to be filled, I grudgingly volunteer myself for it.

I wasn't asked to do the design of logo for ReelFrenz, but I decided to have a browse online for various logo design tools. Like I said, I like to do creative things.

The next thing I knew, I was sucked into the whole process, playing with some designs just for fun. Below come from my mucking around.

This one is playing with the idea of a reel. Perhaps too obvious.

Reel Freez logo

The small triangles represent members with their variety of backgrounds of ethnicity, professions, talents, and personalities. At first, stars came to mind, but I thought it's too tacky.
Reel Freez logo with triangles
While the look of film strip isn't quite what I have in mind, but I like the dynamism that the wavy and 45 degree slant it gives, which animates the logo. When all the logo designs were shown to the members in the group, this one is the most popular in terms of the FaceBook likes and comments it received.

The entry won Marrie over came from Suhaimi, which I find is quite sleek and with modern simplicity. The shadow is a metaphor for film projection. I also had this idea, but my design wasn't as sleek.

While his other entry didn't get accepted, I find it quite nice.

But then later on, this was decided to be our logo. You could see it in our Rojak film website.

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