Friday, 10 May 2013

TOS - Prologue

The 'reviews' aren't written for the purpose of viewers who hasn't seen these episodes, and read them to decide if they're going to watch it. This is the typical functions of movie reviews.

In fact, you should read my 'reviews' after you watched the relevant episodes.

I guess it's best if you call my 'reviews' as 'studies', 'in-depth analyses', 'post-mortem analyses', or 'demystifications' of Star Trek episodes to more accurate reflect its aims, which is to gain a deeper understanding of Star Trek venture via its explorations, both literally and artistically. I still use the term 'reviews' to refer to my articles in the broadest sense of the word.

USS Enterprise Crew, Star Trek TOS

In my reviews, more than anything else, the Trek writers' minds are dissected, and examined under a microscope. I'll attempt to answer where the writers got their ideas, why they wrote what they wrote, what are thet really trying to tell us, and how Star Trek came to be via their writings during these Trek formative years (and beyond, if I decide to continue this enterprise (pun not intended)). Please drop in for future additions of reviews (or even easier, subscribe to be notified of new posts or articles).

Because of these reasons, I don't write reviews for all episodes, just the significant and note-worthy ones from a philosophical, cultural, historical, artistic, social, and political point of views. So far, most episodes fall into the significant category. This is the reasons why these Star Trek TOS are classics, because the topics they dealt with stood the test of time (at least for a 1/2 century or more than 2 generations). Some of the props and set designs might look dated, but not the ideas. They were as relevant today as they were first written. As you will see in my reviews, many of the ideas for later Star Trek series originates here. They call this series Original for more good reasons than one.

I use this Wikipedia link as a reference for the episode numbering. Having said that you should read it after watching the episode, I won't give away plot spoilers regardless. By that, I meant I don't give away anymore than the brief summaries given in this Wikipedia page. I agree that the Wikipedia page does give away some spoilers (not the ending, however). You've been warned.

(the Wikipedia folks have decided to remove the summaries less than 2 weeks after I wrote what's in the strikethrough. I do like the brief summaries. I hope they bring it back).

Because I won't give away major plot twists or endings, in fact, I hardly ever mention plots in general, I guess it's safe to read them before watching.

Happy reading! (for you)
Tally ho! (for me)

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