Wednesday, 15 May 2013

TOS - 1.5 - The Enemy Within

Star Trek - The Enemy WIthin
Captain Kirk embracing his wild side
after coming out
Captain Kirk is split into 2 halves due to a transporter malfunction. One his wild, selfish, aggressive side; the other his gentle, noble, compassionate side.

The transporter malfunction not only creates lots of trouble for Captain Kirk to solve, but it also creates many stories for the writers.

This episode is essentially inspired by the classic Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde that takes place in the Star Trek context with one important twist: the 2 personalities exist in 2 separate bodies of Captain Kirk. My compliment to the writer.

The 'good' side is in charge of the Enterprise and finds that he's losing his ability to command the ship. Spock explains that he needs the 'evil' side to make a good leader when it's kept under the control of the good side.

You could say Kirk's wild side is coming out, literally.

The episode examines our wild and unbridled side as well as the gentle, compassionate side, and concludes both sides are important. It's a matter of striking the right balance between the 2 to get best results.

Of course, it's interesting to watch this episode, and think about the dichotomy of Spock. After all, he also battles with containing Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde of a sort into a single body. With human, these 2 sides are to be finely balanced, like a dance between 2 partners, learning to perfect it throughout our lives. While with Spock, the wild, emotional side is to be totally denied, kept under his total control. To Spock, his emotional side is "The Enemy Within".

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