Tuesday, 30 April 2013

London Day 2 - 1st Encounter with the London Tube

Caught a 5 hour train from Edinburgh to London (Waverly station to King's Cross). Checked into Fraser Suites at 6pm. Thinking of grabbing some Chinese chow for dinner, we found a Chinese restaurant in the next metro station at Earl's Court.

The closest metro station to the place we stayed is Cloucester Road. As we punched the destination into the metro's ticket machine, it asked me for £7.20 train fare. It's probably charged accordingly to zone like Paris. So it doesn't matter if you want to go 1 or 20 stations . Still, for 3 zones, which covers more than 30 stations, costs €1.70 in Paris. In London, it's £7.20 for 1 zone.

We quickly cancelled the idea of going o Earl's Court, and found some food near the station. After a few mins walk, we decided to do Nando's. We ordered 1/2 chicken, and drinks. It came to £7. It's cheaper than the tube fare.

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