Sunday, 10 March 2013

Production Meeting

In addition to the acting role, I also volunteer for a technical role: camera assistant 2. I want to get an inside look of the all the mechanics of movie making from acting in front of the camera to the more technical aspects involved like shooting, green screen, audio, etc.

So in today's meeting I got to meet all other production team members from the cinematographer, costume to set designer. As this is an amateur production, some of us - like me for instance - are taking up more than 1 roles.

In terms of my acting role of Salesman 4, our screenwriter and executive producer Marie [1], leaves my role somewhat opens to interpretations. In the script, this Salesman 4 essentially sells Singapore Zoo to the TV audience.

In the acting session with Michael, one of the interpretation I considered was a TV naturalist personality like David Attenborough. So when it came to the decision in today's meeting what kind of costumes and props are required for my role, the question of who's this Salesman 4 is, exactly, came up.

The role title "Salesman 4" is less clear cut when comparing to role titles like "Doctor", "Priest", "News Caster", etc. The Salesman 4's role is to sell Singapore Zoo to the TV audience. But who's doing the selling? There're several possibilities: celebrity/spoke-person or employee of the Zoo, or some unrelated hired actor to do the TV commercial.

As a kid who grew up watching many of BBC's nature series narrated by the well known TV naturalist Attenborough, when it comes to portray the role of promoting Singapore Zoo, he immediately sprung to mind, naturally.

While thinking along the line of Attenborough, I suggested safari suits for Salesman 4. But after a some discussions, I realised that the zookeeper would be the most appropriate for the role. This time, I have the late Steve Irwin (of the Australian Zoo) in mind. Of course, without his energy level to match.

I found myself having an epiphany of the expression that "there's no small parts, just small actors". No, I'm not suggesting I'm a big actor. I'm not even suggesting what the phrase implies. That all roles are equally important. What I'm saying is that I found myself cares so much more than what I initially expected. I found myself argue vehemently what I believe the role should be. I found myself argue with such zeal about what the bit part should say and wear. After all, it's only a bit part in a 12 mins film. I definitely find the passion rather curious. Perhaps, the perfectionist in me has reared its ugly head (not that my own head is any more handsome. Nor I'm suggesting that I'm a many headed monster).

I'm looking forward to my shooting next week.

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[1] better known to her cult classic following fans for her role as Cleopatra Wong.

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