Monday, 4 February 2013

Announcing the Cast and Schedule


We met up today in Han's Tasty Town in Raffle's Place for the announcing of the cast and other things for our short film Once Upon a Time in a Stormy Night that we had the audition on 23 Jan.

I went out of the house a few hours before the meeting, and didn't carry my brolly. By the time I got to the meeting at Han's in Raffle's Place, there was a heavy downpour.

Singapore's rain could be quite patchy. It may rain heavily in the city, and in a 15 minutes bus ride home, the streets are bone dry with not the slightest hint of a drizzle. This happened a number of times. So you couldn't really decide if you need an umbrella by looking at the sky.

While I had studied the location of Han's at home, it looked different at the street level, especially in heavy downpour and at 7pm, visiblity was reduced to less 50m. I studied the map before hand, but only from the consideration of walking from Tanjong Pagar to Raffle's Place. Now that I took a MRT, I was somewhat disoriented.

I tried to consult my iPone, and Murphy reminded me his Law. The map seems to take forever to load. I decided to rely on the time tested method - asking people for direction. When I asked for direction to Church Street, nobody seemed to know (even though it was near by). I decided to change tack and asked for direction to Han's. I immediately got a correct response.

Han's is a household name in Singapore (up there with Ya Kun Kaya Toast, my other fave eating place). But this expat only discovered one of their branches (located less 300m from where we live) only 4 months ago after living in Singapore for 3 years. Well, better late than never. Their selling point is that they do both local and Western food. So I could order a seafood fried rice and a cappuccino. Han's is probably is the only place in Singapore (that I know) where you coud do that.

I run from Raffle's Place MRT station to Han's and was soaking wet. I ordered a beef bee-hoon (rice vermicelli) in Han's. And as usual in Singapore, they're too heavy handed with the gravy. Other than that, it wasn't bad. Of all the Han's outlets, this should be the largest, and it has a large area in the back for a group meeting like ours.

The script for our short film Once Upon a Time in a Stormy Night requires 20 acting roles while only 19 people attended the audition, which means nobody is going home empty handed. A nice happy ending for all attendees.

Marie - our Executive Producer - also went over the script briefly. It sounded interesting to me, and could be quite funny if all the pieces fall perfectly into place (in an ideal world). As the film hasn't been finished, I won't go into details except to say it's a comedy.

I thought making a comedy it's a great idea for a short film of this nature, i.e. amateurish film making. Because even if the acting (or other technical aspects) are bad, it could still give audience a laugh. E.g. overacting, intentional or unintentional, could work in comedy. Low budget movies made back in the days made us laugh today for that reason. It's either laughing at the jokes, or the jokers.

I was casted for the role of Salesman 4. Most of the behind-the-scene roles weren't filled at all. In fact, there're almost as many of these technical parts as there're acting parts. It means everyone who signs up for the acting role should take up a technical role. I promptly volunteer myself for the assistant cameraman. This seems a good fit for me as I'm a shutterbug.

I might also volunteer myself to the post production work. I've some experience with Photoshop, as well as basic video editing with popular software. I'll talk to Marie if she needs an extra hand in that department.

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