Wednesday, 16 January 2013

China's Area 51 ?

Amazing Chinese Maze-Like Structure. Chinese Area 51.

In 2005 when Google Maps released the bizarre aerial images over NW desert of China. The images stirred up a huge number of conspiracy theorists on the internet.

Actually this old image shows partial construction of the zigzag lines pattern we come to know so well today that could be seen at the coordinates (40.4, 93.7). Enter this coordinates into Google Maps and you'll get the following satellite map. And this map shows the above partial maze-like map been completed.

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This newly completed zigzag patterns from the updated Google Maps released in 2010 re-energised the whole topics. Even the likes of NBC and CBS making their rounds in reporting this mystery. There're zillion of pages (more as time goes by) that devoted on this topics. You could keep yourself busy for the next 6 months reading the materials.

Let me just add 1 more piece of the jigsaw into this picture that few people seem to mention that would hopefully shed more light on the complete picture (or not). Throw a spanners into the works as it were.

If you look at the Google map below, the zigzag and many mysterious shapes are scattered across NW of Dunhuang (indicated by orange location pin). The green arrow in the map points at Lop Nur, which is the testing site for the detonation of 1st Chinese atom bomb code-named "596". There's no mystery about this place. In fact, it's a much publicised events in China. There're various weird looking structures scattered in the area between Dunhuang (40.4, 93.7) and Lop Nur (40.5, 90.5). Join the dots, literally, and you find those strange structures lie roughly on that line. Exactly what those structures are, we could only speculate until the cows come home. It doesn't take Einstein to see that this area is Chinese military area of some kinds.

If you call an area in USA that develop weapon, experimenting and testing them Area 51, then this place qualifies to be called Chinese Area 51 (in Australia, we call the area Pine Gap).

Größere Kartenansicht

Also, what's that blue structure that's east of Lop Nur (green arrow)? What is this? This structure is huge. Its length is some 18km long! Could it be an inertnational airport for nowhere?

It's a bit too large to be the Water Cube...well, some of the blue stuff is water. In fact, it's  the largest potassium chloride (potash) factory in the world. Here's a photo of the factory with the pond in the foreground. All these blue squares are ponds, not Olympic swimming pools. Where do they get all the water in the midle of a desert? That, I like to know.

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