Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Men Suddenly in Black (2003)

Chinese title: Real Men (大丈夫).

Men Suddenly in Black (2003)
The Chinese title "Dai Zhang Fu" or "Daai Cheung Foo" in Cantonese  (大丈夫) could read either as "Real Men", or "Big Husbands". Its meaning would be clear after the movie. The term ("Dai Zhang Fu") is usually used to refer to men in jianghu, which the HK gangster sometimes refer to the underworld.

The English title Men Suddenly in Black also has double meaning. Metaphorically, it's a dress for covert operation or to achieve anonymity. Literally, 'the Gang of Four' wear it because they don't own black tuxes. So if they were spotted from afar, they could always deny as mistaken identities. Yep, they thought of EVERYTHING. And so it could very well be serve as A Guide on How to Cheat On Your Wife. Or at least, An Unofficial Quick (very quick) Sex Guide to HK. The brothel that's dressed up as Internet cafe is an eye openers for non-HK locals. And the Internet cafe scene is a riot.

It's a witty, funny, original parody of the gangster genre, which is probably the most parodied genre, perhaps due to its popularity, and seriousness, thus create the best  contrasting tensions. Audience with the appetite for gangland flicks would get this clever spoof much more. If I watch more comedies like this, I wouldn't need to go to the gym, or buy 1 of those ridiculous contraption to flatten my abs.

Despite the sad gross figure says otherwise (I must have misread it), the audience must have loved this (what is there not to love) because they made a sequel. And it deserved to win 3 awards.

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