Sunday, 30 January 2011

Xiangde Temple in Taroko National Park

10 °C

Aka Hsiang-Te Temple (祥德寺).

The Pudu Bridge (普渡桥) ushers you into Xiangde Temple.

If this suspension bridge doesn't draw your attention, the glimpses of pagoda and the white Guanyin statue that loom on the hill above, shrouded in mist should beckon you to scale those stairs.

While the temple is quite new (built in 1968), and so isn't imbued with history. But from this elevation, it gives a nice aerial view of the surrounding, Taroko Gorge, and mountains.

Zhihui Bridge, Tiangxiang Village and Pudu Bridge (lower right corner)

Even though it was 2:30pm, because it was in late January, the mountains were covered in a heavy blanket of fog, which works very well with such spiritual place as a temple.

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