Sunday, 30 January 2011

Suhua Highway and Chingshui Cliffs

10 °C

Ching-shui Cliffs (aka Cingshui Cliffs, 清水斷崖).

The sightseeing started before the 1st destination stop. Provincial Highway No. 9, better known as Su-Hwa Highway (aka Suhua Highway 蘇花公路) provides great ocean view of the Pacific on one side and sheer rocky cliffs on the other.

"Suhua" comes from the fact that thes stretch of Provincial Highway No. 9 is located between Su'ao township and Hualian County.

The scenery on Suhua Highway reminds me of the Great Southern Ocean Road in Australia, or New Zealand State Highway 6, especially near the slopes of The Remarkables (or California Hwy 1. I've never been to this last one. Probably one day). It's among the world great ocean drives.

Their similarities aren't coincidental because NZ State Highway 6, California Highway 1 and Suhua Highway are all located on the Pacific Ocean's Ring of Fire. Hot places produce hot landscapes (or cool landscapes depending on the lingo you'd like to use. Some prefer "kick-butt").

Chongde Tunnel, Taiwan 
Chingshui Cliffs, Taiwan
Cingshui Cliffs and Chongde Tunnel (崇德隧道) as viewed from the Lookout

Apparently, there're staircase to get down to the beach from the lookout. Since this is the 1st stop, and we may not have time, the tour guide didn't go down. The beach looked quite rocky. Also the tour was meant to be moderate physically demanding. So we were spared of too much climbing.

Chingshui Cliffs, Taiwan

Chingshui Cliffs, Taiwan

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