Sunday, 30 January 2011

Cimu Brige in Taroko Gorge

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If you continue to walk after the Tunnel of Nine Turns, and half way between it and Xiangde Temple is where you can see Cimu Bridge (慈母橋, meaning "Loving Mother"), and a nice interesting blend of man-made and natural landscape. This is also where Liwu River makes a sharp bend.

The bridge was built by former president Chiang Jing-gou to remember his mom 1st Lady Soong May-Ling.

Pavilion on rock near Cimu Bridge, Taroko National Park, Taiwan Cimu Bridge, Taroko National Park, Taiwan

If you look at the rock under the bridge pier, it looks like a frog (if your angle or the lighting is perfect, the resemblance i stronger). Above the head of the frog is a little pavilion, which looks like a hat/crown for the frog. Ladies, kiss the rock to see if it turns into a prince the size of Goliath or King Kong...

Cimu Bridge, Taroko National Park, Taiwan

Fairy tale Frog Prince
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If you want a cheesy photo (our tour guide totally insisted on it), you can stand in front of the frog like this couple below so that it looks like you're crowned with the pavilion. If you're tall like the man below, you can just have the roof of the pavilion as a crown. If you're shorter, photo yourself with the whole pavilion as a crown.

Cimu Bridge, Taroko National Park, Taiwan

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