Friday, 3 July 2009

Pattaya Day 5 - Buddhist Lent Street Parade

It was 3 July. As I'm not a Yank, so I didn't take any note of it (as the eve of the American Independence Day). In Thailand, 3 July is an important day for Thai people (at least for this year. The day will be different every year as this day isn't based on the Gregorian calendar). I didn't realise that until I saw a colourful street parade appeared on Beach Road at about 5 pm. The busy traffic was halted, and the parade moved westwards towards Walking Street not far from where I stood, which was opposite the beach.

Of course, the passing colourful floats didn't tell me much. If anything, I was puzzled by what the parade was all about until I saw a pupil holding the sign that explained it all.

school girl in a parade holding the sign "Buddhist Lent"
Very informative for farange like me
The parade consisted of city workers, school kids, residents and it was quite a long parade. The different floats were judged in term of its representation.

candle float in a Buddhist Lent in 2009, Pattaya, Thailand
This candle float won the first prize

The Lent marks the 3-months period where monks go back to their own temples to meditate and to do study. Worshippers would present gift to the monks - candles and whatnots - as a way to earn merit.

This was a nice pleasant surprise.

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