Friday, 1 May 2009

Flying with Emirates

with more room for your bum bag (fanny pack)

overcast 37 °C
Our usual airline (as Atta company would prefer) is SIA. As airfare to fly from Singapore to Bahrain was $1200 SGD/AUD if we fly with Emirates - a $200 discount to SIA - we decided to defect to Emirates.

When I boarded Emirates, I wheeled my laptop luggage as per usual only to find the aisle was simply too small, so I had to carry it by hands (quite heavy as it contained two laptops, some books, and various electronic accessories). As I sat down I realised that small aisles was a blessing in disguise. It seems like that the aisles were narrowed to make the seats wider (more butt room). But it also apppeared that the plane also scarifies a few rows to add extra leg room as well. The pleasant extra room makes the whole 8-hour flight seems like 4 hours and 45 mins. I've never been so comfortable flying in economy (coach for you Yanks). I actually slept for 3 hours or so, thanks to a heavy dose of extra space. The tuna croissant supper wasn't too shabby, either.

The entertainment system also seems newer than anything I've been on (not so long ago), which makes me wonder if the extra room was part of Emirates' initiative or this is how the new planes are designed these days.

There was no direct flight from Singapore to Bahrain, we took a connected flight via Dubai, so in theory, we've already been to Dubai (no need to wait until October when we may have to go there). The second leg of the connected flight brought us back to earth as this seats' spaces in this Emirates plane is no different from a standard planes we've been to. Well, higher expectation leads to bigger disappointment. As it was only an hour flight, and we were so tired, we slept all the way through.
As Australian passport holders, we didn't have to apply a visa in advance, we simply pay the fees when we get our passports stamped at the immigration counters (The visa process had just freed up recently). We tried to convert some Singaporean currency at the Singapore Changi Airport for the visa fee, and not surprisingly, they don't stock Bahraini dinars. So we decided to get some BD at Dubai airport during our transfer. Guess what, when we got to the Bahraini immigration, we spotted a money changer just before the counter. D'oh!!!

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