Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Double Vision (2002)

Chinese title: Double Pupils (双瞳).

Double Vision (2002), Taiwanese Horror Flick
Hollywood thinking that why instead of produce bad remakes of Asian horror flicks (of which there're many: Ring (1998), Pulse (2001), The Eye (2002), Ju-On (2002), Dark Water (2002), etc), why not do a joint production with Asian? In this case, Taiwanese.

With the large number of Asian horror remakes, it seems that Hollywood is running out of ideas in the horror genre. At least, Asian horror flicks are good enough for Hollywood to recycle. Whether it's good it's another matter.

Taoist monks firmly believe in immortality. In fact, this is the primary reason for become a Taoist monk (either that or as a job that puts food on the table). The Taoist monk sub-genre had been dominated with hopping zombies that more or less started with Sammo Hung. Being a comedy action artist, all his Taoist monk 'horror' flicks aren't scary. It's about action and comedy. But this is a Taiwanese film, they don't do kungfu flicks (not any good anyway). They do like to make horror flicks, which don't suck in general.

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