Monday, 1 October 2007

Shaolin Soccer (2001)

Chinese title: 少林足球

Shaolin Soccer (2001), Chinese action filmWhat to parody next is a question in most of Stephen Chow's mind. It has to be something popular, it's best to have plenty of actions, and the light bulb suddenly lit up above his head - sports (and kungfu, what else?).

This is the movie when Stephen Chow transformed from a HK Leslie Nielsen into Mel Brooks. I.e. he became an actor/director. And challenging the stereotype that director who appears in his own film is no good. The standard of his film improved since he became a director.

If you ask me, I say he's a much better director than Mel Brooks, who are also a great spoof films maker. I find CHow's comedy are more original while Mel Brooks suffered from a chronic case of incurable recurring corny jokes. Mind you, I'm a great fan of Brooks' films and wouldn't hesitate for a sec to see any new films he make (not that he's still making any films at his age). I'm just suffer a hopeless incurable case of Brookitis.

But more importantly, he pioneered and refined his own brand of unique comedy that come to known as Mo Lei Tau (無厘頭).

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