Friday, 5 October 2007

Crazy N' the City (2005)

Crazy N' the City (2005)When you try to put everything into a movie - drama, action, romance, crime, social commentary, comedy - and try to please everyone, you end up pleasing nobody. Did I also mention plot and character developments? Too many balls to juggle.

But when you manage to get these balls in the balance and in sync, everybody applauds. This movie somehow manages to get all these elements into the movie without making a mess of it. The comedy doesn't seem out of place; the romance isn't mushy or touchy; the drama is reasonably solid; the characters are believable and able to relate.

It's funny, heart warming, moving, even inspiring would you believe. It's a perfect popcorn movie to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Nobody expects this anything but a feelgood flick, and the director never pretends anything else either. The humble expectation (especially with that title) makes it a surprising treat.

Having said that. I hope I don't prop up people's expectation of the movie. Keep it low.

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