Friday, 5 October 2007

Blind Love (2005)

Blind Love (2005), Japanese pink filmThere were a lot of Japanese pinku films back in the days (1970s and 80s) where the sexual fetishes were the main meat, while the plots were cobbled up as a vehicle where the erotica took place.

This is a pink film (or pinku eiga), but it works without most of the nudity and sex scenes. Although some of these sex scenes work organically into the stories (while other aren't). Besides, Dasuke Goto's works are in this genre.

This film must have something to say to win all those awards.

The film lasts only about 1 hour. It's about a classic triangular affair with a couple of interesting twists.

The following contains some spoilers.

Daisuke (Japanese can mean "Big, Help". Also happens to be the director's first name) is a ventriloquist, who has an apprentice named Yoichi. They have a close relationship until one day when a girl comes into their lives.

A blind girl Hikari (Japanese for "Light"), who's a fan of Daisuke's ventriloquist act, decides to present Daisuke her idol with a bouquet of flowers. She bumps into Yoichi as she hands her flowers to Daisuke. Yoichi is a man of action (if you know what I mean) with few words. Since Hikari identifies people by their scent, she's now mistaking Yoichi for her admirer Daisuke.

When Hikari asks Daisuke out on a date, Daisuke asks Yoichi to come along for confidence boost. This is where the comedy begins. Hakuri thinks she's dating only Daisuke.

Daisuke, who's the man of words (and not of actions), doing all the talking while Yoichi, in a way, becomes Daisuke's dummy/puppet and stays silent on the whole date.

After the date, they - all three of them - check into a hotel. Since Hakuri identifies Yoichi as her date, she has sex with him instead of her admirer Daisuke, who fills in the dialogues during sex. The apprentice becomes the master. Who's the dummy now?

Another issue that this short comedy deals with is Daisuki's insecurity about his height to the point that even though he's dating a blind girl who couldn't see him, he wears platform shoes to boost his height. Who's blind?

It's well worth the time, considering it's only one hour.

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