Sunday, 9 September 2007

The Mission (1999)

Chinese title: Gun Fire.

The all-star cast consists of the round-up of the usual suspects of the all old hands in HK crime genre films - every single 1 of them.

There's little doubt that this movie is a prelude (not prequel) to Johnnie To's later film Exiled (2006), where many - not all - of the acting crew also made appearances as once again in the roles of professional hitmen. It isn't just the cast, but the sleek, cool, stylish arts direction that are also similar. But this isn't Johnnie To copying anyone but himself.

Unlike John Woo's heroic bloodshed gun plays that concentrate on the stylistic and martial art choreography, while Johnnie To's shoot-them-up flicks tend to concentrate on more of the technical details. So it's great for gun-nuts, or audience who are thinking of a career in hired guns.

Of course, like all heroic bloodshed flicks, the element of comaraderie is always there.

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