Saturday, 8 September 2007

The Longest Nite (1998)

Alternative English title: Hidden Reward.
Chinese title: Dark Flower (暗花).

In term of plot, this story could be described as a game of Cat & Mouse.

Sam the Mouse wears a moustache and a bullet proof vest, and is a cocky career corrupt cop, who thinks he's a cat.

Tony the Cat is bald, and works as a hired gun. Tony knows that he's actually also a mouse, just like his target Sam the Mouse, running inside a maze in an experiment that set up by the Scientist, who decides when to terminate the experiment.

Sometimes curiosity kills the cocky Mouse as well.

There's less humour than The Odd One Dies (1997). But whatever little humour there is subtle, dry and dark, as usual in Patrick Yau's crime flicks. No silly wisecracks, or lowbrow pratfalls. They extinct in HK films circa 1990 AD. To find those jokes, you'll have to unearth those old, relic of videos. Old joke? I know...

This is the best of Patrick Yau's trio.

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