Friday, 7 September 2007

Intruder (1997)

Some horror flicks simply gross you out, while others creep you out. This 1 is the latter. Not that it doesn't have gore or graphic violence to keep you happy like a clam (it's Cat III flick after all), it's just not gratuitous.

If you 'enjoy' Revenge: A Love Story (2010), you find similar level of graphic violence (and no nudity). I say films that creep you our rather than gross you out are horror flicks that examine the underbelly of human nature. Because of the realistic setting of these movies, it disturbs you at a deep level.

Stephen King's Misery (1990) is a case in point, and at some level, these 2 films are similar. Except the violence in this flick makes Misery (1990) looks like a walk in the park. In fact, the situation in this horror is even more believable. There's no psychopath who has a loose screw, and everything the 'villains' carry out in this movie are sane and coldly calculated. And yet they don't seem to be the meanest of people. That makes it the more unsettling.

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