Sunday, 9 September 2007

Full Moon in New York (1999)

Full Moon in New York (1999)If you aren't convinced that HK people, and by default HK film makers, were preoccupied by the experience of migrants in the period of 1980s and 1990s, just look at the entries immediately above in my IMDB list: 4 out of the 5 movies in this section of the list deal with various aspects of immigration (Mainland migrants living in HK, HK migrants living aboard, Chinese migrant returning home, etc).

And as usual, when this movie is about HK emigre living aboard, if you make a bet on the city in question is The Big Apple, the odds is overwhelmingly stacked in your favour.

This story is about a trio of female characters from 3 political regions of China living in NYC. The 3 characters were played by 3 actresses coming from the 3 respective regions of China. And the 3 of them are portrayed with the stereotypical ambitions of the 3 regions: HongKongers the capitalist, Taiwanese the artist, and traditional Mainland Chinese who has no career ambition, and put her priority of family above her own. Because of her role of a career housewife, she's portrayed as somebody who is much less intelligent and knowledgeable than her 2 other career female friends.

The conversation scene in the restaurant highlights the divergence of their views and attitudes due to their regional differences. But at the end, they find strong bonds among them despite their differences in career ambitions, and personal experiences. The similarities that unite them are stronger than the differences that divide them. They're bound by their shared cultural roots, and their experiences of an uprooted immigrants living in an alien place.

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