Thursday, 6 September 2007

End of the World (1996)

English title: Lost and Found
Chinese title: End of the World.

An enjoyable - if you enjoy feeling blue - romantic tragedy.

Ah, yes, feeling blue is actually a nautical jargon coming from sailors. You'll know what I mean after seeing this movie.

Let's me summarise the story like this:

When our central female lead asks Mr. Lost n Found to look for her hope that she had lost, he found it for her at the End of the World.

I guess it's serendipity when you try to find one thing or one person, you end up with a happier thing or person.

None of the many unfortunate characters in this film give up their hopes from the husband with 4 kids, the girl who waits for the red billed ducks, or the disabled staff in Lost and Found Company.

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