Sunday, 2 September 2007

Dragon Inn (1992)

Chinse title: New Dragon Gate Inn.

A remake of King Hu's masterpiece made in 1967.

Dragon Inn (1992)In terms of plot, the remake is more elaborate. Some may say unnecessary complicated.

In terms of fight sequences, the 1967 version has just begun in this endeavour with only very limited use of wire-fu and other techniques. For people who didn't grow up on wuxia, they may find the more realistic action sequences easier to swallow, and enjoy the old-school wuxia.

In terms of character development, the Raymond Lee's film is more meaty. The characters in the 2 films are basically the same, except for the female innkeeper, played by Maggie Cheung, which didn't exist in the original. The legendary King Hu may excel in many things, but character development isn't his strongest suit. His movies are typically have sparse dialogues, and that wouldn't help character developments (in general).

In terms of cinematography, this King Hu's forte, and quite hard to surpass after decades. But this remake makes it up with the variety.

Although this remake is a new classic in its own right, but it hasn't been able to replace King Hu's original classic, which is still very easy on the eyes (especially with the absence of some gross scenes like the defleshed limbs).

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