Sunday, 2 September 2007

Dr. Lamb (1992)

English title: Dr. Lamb.

This list is either balanced nor respectable if I don't include a few of the Cat III exploitative genre movies.

This horror should become more shocking when you realise that it's based on a real life serial killer in HK. The crime in the movie is actually quite faithfully told (which should send chills to your spine).

The lead character isn't a doctor, but his real life alter ego is Lam Kor-wan (林過雲). The name Lamb thus is alluding to the real life murder (as well as having an association with Silence of the Lamb (1991). But it's more frightening because it's based on real events).

The HK news media nicknamed him "Rainy Night Butcher" (雨夜屠夫) because he murdered his female victims under such circumstances.

Warning: this is very graphic Cat III materials which contains mutilation, and necrophilia as it had in real life. To others, yummy, yum yum (careful not to drool on your keyboard, and short circuit it. A bib can help or lick your lips like Hannibal 'Cannibal' Lector. Bon appetit !)

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