Tuesday, 4 September 2007

A Queer Story (1994)

Chinese title: Gay at 40. Or A 40 Year Old Gay Guy.

This gay film attempts to break some kind of record in the number of homoxesual issues and situations it could cram into a movie. It tackles every familial role from being a gay son to being a lesbian parent to being of course same-sex lover. It even tackles AIDS. It also shows how the different gay/lesbian individuals cope with their sexual orientation in their own unique way.

This film - like Ang Lee's Wedding Banquet - aims more at the heterosexual audience than the gay/lesbian community (not that I suggest they aren't watching it). While Yonfan's movies are more directed (pun not intended) at the queer folks.

The movie runs at 100 mins, which seems a bit long. I reckon it could shave off 15 or 20 mins quite easily while improve the tempo of the film. Especially the 2nd half. Overlooking this minor flaw, this is an enjoyable film.

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