Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Security Unlimited (1981)

English title: Security Unlimited.
Chinese title: Modern Security Guard.

The Hui Bros continued their winning forms of winning over HK audience with their offbeat comedy that are later called mouleitau. This is a distinctly Cantonese humour that may have roots in some British comedian the likes of Peter Sellers and Benny Hill (doesn't Micheal Hui looks like a Brit version of Benny Hill?). Pommies would find this oddball comedy oddly familiar (and thus enjoy it). But this brand of comedy have slowly developed into the final mouleitau shape that we associate with Stephen Chow so much.

Michael Hui reworked the formula from his last comedy The Private Eyes of giving the working class a voice, and situations that they could relate to. In the last comedy, Michael plays a miserly, exploitative boss who's at the end got his just deserved. In this comedy, Michael plays the mean, and abusive boss, and as usual gives the hero roles to his 2 younger brothers. Although the poetic justice came rather early compares to the last 1 which didn't come until the end (where it's usually recommended to occur).

It isn't hard to see that all the spoof film actions in these 3 movies eventually led to the Mad Mission series.

It's the funniest of the 3.

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