Monday, 6 August 2007

Righting Wrongs (1986)

Alternative English title: Above the Law.

Yuen Biao, Cynthia RothrockThis isn't the 1st (1 of the earliest), nor the last of Cynthia Rothrock's roles in HK action flicks. It's the best to date in my opinion. This is arguably aso the best in Girls-with-Guns genre. Strictly speaking, there're much more literally ass-kicking kungfu action than gun play. And quite a bit of it reminds those that made Jackie Chan famous, like using 1 pair of handcuffs to round up 4 criminals the only JC can. This is hardly surprising as Corey Yuen choreographed the action sequences in this as well as many of JC movies.

It's good to see that to see that things have come full circle. In the 1970s we had Bruce Lee the professional martial artist leaving the American shore to come to HK to do action flicks. And then we also have action actors like Jackie Chan, Jet Li, and Sammo Hung being recruited by Hollywood, and at the same time, HK film industry (Chollywood) is doing some recruiting from US of A themselves. It's good to see this 2 way traffic. Although she's not the only Caucasian action performers - male or female - who came to work in HK, but she's only 1 that won approval from the tough HK crowd. This is hardly surprising as she had quite a number of such female action artists to compare with from Kara Hui, Angela Mao to Michelle Yeoh. As seen in this movie, Rothrock could really kick with impressive brisk pace. Just to watch the fight scenes between Yuen Biao and her is well worth it. A pretty fun film to watch (once I got over Yuen Biao playing a barrister).

Rothrock wasn't the only American import to this production either. Peter Cunningham was a newcomer to the action flick, and this was only 2nd, and his only HK film he involved in.  Karen "Karate Diva" Shepherd, like Rothrock had done quite a number of films in Asia (Japan and HK). They, like Bruce Lee before them, were using Chollywood as their career launching pad for their future career prospects in Hollywood.

Fun Facts:
Fan Siu-Wong who played the kid in this movie looked like he didn't go to the gym. For his next iconic Cat III movie Riki-Oh: The Story of Ricky (1991) he put on at least 10 - 15kg of muscle bulk, and was totally unrecognisable from the back.

Here's an alternative, and a more crowd pleasing ending from youtube,

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