Wednesday, 8 August 2007

People's Hero (1988)

English title: People's Hero.

People's Hero (1988)This is HK's Dog Day Afternoon minus the media circus.

Going from the poster, Ti Lung has almost the same pose as Chow Yung-Fat in A Better Tomorrow in the list just above, one may incorrectly assume that this is one of those non-stop gun play action flick. Well, it's not. It's better. The genre classification lists Drama, Action, Crime. Compare it to A Better Tomorrow, it's Action, Crime, Drama.

It's a gritty, intense drama of a bank robbery hostage situation. It's a tight thriller, but at the same time full of humour. No, it isn't those lame lowbrow wisecracks that HK writers interject forcefully into their works to make it more entertaining but usually backfires. In fact, there's no wisecracks whatsoever; only witty comedy that arises naturally out of the characters and the situation of the story. In fact, I find the whole thing rather hilarious, but in a believable way. But I think it's just me.

Almost every character is given the chance to develop, and that's the mark of a diligent and concientious writing.

HK prodduced way too many of those action packed mindless shoot-them-dead flicks. I have no problems with them, in fact, I like them but there's no shortage of that. This crime drama is a refreshing change.

This is a HK crime drama classic gem.

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