Friday, 3 August 2007

Hong Kong,Hong Kong (1983)

Chinese title: Man and Woman.
English title: Hong Kong, Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Hong Kong (1983)Before the noteworthy Comrades: Almost a Love Story (1996), we have this forerunner that was made more than a decades earlier. So this is a milestone in that regard.

The Chinese title indicates that this movie is to be sold as romances with erotica. Since its sexual content is so soft especially when it's viewed by Western audience today, it thus markets to the Western audience as a film that deals HK's society, which plays the English title role.

Since the 1980s and through 1990s, HK made a bunch of such romances that based on the immigrant experience. This is the earliest attempt with such social commentary.

The most noteworthy is Mabel Cheung's Immigration Trilogy: The Illegal Immigrant (1985), An Autumn's Tale (1987), and Eight Taels of Gold (1989). All are in my list.

The 1980 and 1990s are times of uncertainty for the HK citizens. This provides fertile ground for the HK film makers, who would like to tackle social issues in their movies.

All these HK movies all deal with different immigrants themes. The Illegal Immigrant and An Autumn's Tale deal with HK migrants living abroad. And Eight Taels of Gold is about Chinese migrant returning home.

This story based on the trials and tribulations a couple of illegal immigrants in HK - one from Mainland China, and the other Thailand. For the American audience, think of our 2 leads as illegal Mexican trying to make their ways in USA.

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