Thursday, 2 August 2007

He Lives by Night (1982)

English title: He Lives by Night.

He Lives by Night (1982)This is a pastiche of the slasher genre. You could say it's a comedy disguised or dressed up as Dressed to Kill. Or a fun cross dressing between horror and comedy. It's done, nicely I might add, in the style of some Italian slasher films.

As for inspector Dragon - our mustachio well rounded main lead - is a police composite sketch of Sherlock Holm, Inspector Clouseau, and James Bond. The pipe smoking of Holm, the comedy relief of Clouseau, and the skirt chasing of Bond. He also has a sidekick - played by young Simon Yam - who tries to make his life more challenging (not unlike Kato to Inspector Clouseau), especially during his courting activity.

There's goofy jokes aplenty, but no more than The Pink Panther.

This director is no Stephen Chow, who is the HK's Master of Spoof films. What's even more importantly is that Chow derives his many burlesques from local films and cultures, not foreign imports. The source of parodies for this film, however, came straight from abroad.

It isn't a master piece of cinema, but I can't find too many faults to complain about. It's light entertainment in the similar standards as Mel Brooks or Blake Edwards franchises. But it's 1 of the early HK's attempt at such a genre before Stephen Chow took over the whole enterprise.

A pretty decent effort overall. The cinematography is great, and won an award for it. The violence is graphic, but not overly gory.

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