Tuesday, 7 August 2007

An Autumn's Tale (1987)

An Autumn's Tale (1987)It's the 2nd of the Migration Trilogy directed by Mabel Cheung. It's a romantic comedy with social commentary, especially with regards to the life of a HK migrant living in what else but NYC. Although the focus of this film is more on the romance than the migration issue (as suggested by the titles of the 2 movies).

For non Chinese, Chow Yun-Fat is probably being associated with action movie like Hard boiled and others, which I also recommend in this list. For somebody who grew up on HK films, I actually identified Chow with romantic roles BEFORE I watched many of his action films (in fact, he made this movie BEFORE ALL his John Woo's crime action flicks). He's quite good at playing comic role too. In fact, even in many of his action film his cheeky side rear its cheery head from time to time.

It's probably more enjoyable if you understand Cantonese as 50% of the jokes would be lost in translation. In fact, even if you speak Mandarin, about 30% will be lost. But it doesn't matter. Comedy isn't the important part of the movie.

Both Chow and Chung has good chemistry. It's wise on the part of the director not to turn this lovely romance into a melodrama.

It won a Best Picture award.

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