Thursday, 9 August 2007

A Fishy Story (1989)

English title: A Fishy Story.
Chinese title: The Man Who Doesn't Take off His Socks.

A Fishy Story (1989)

This charming romcom reminds me much of the other greater romcom Comrades: An Almost Love Story (1996). Not the least is the fact that Maggie Cheung played the female lead in both competently.

In both films, she played the girl from the more humble social background who came to Hong Kong - the Harbour of Opportunity - to find herself a better material life. And in both films, the political backdrop of their times were used.

Basically, our heroine has to make a choice between love or fame and fortune.

I wouldn't be surprise if Comrades was inspired by this film.

This is where the similarities end. Unquestionably, Comrades is a far better film with richer character development and more penetrating look at the HK's society. This story took place in the turbulence late 1960's while Comrades took place in a broader sweep between 1980 and 1990 decades.

Unfortunately the ending in this film is too predictably crowd pleasing. Still, this is a delightful film to spend a lazy afternoon. Have overall nice visuals. Maggie Cheung's performance was great in both playing a flaky character.

The film received critical acclaim in HK with awards in Best Actress, Best Cinematography, and Best Arts Direction.

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