Tuesday, 3 July 2007

When Taekwondo Strikes (1973)

English title: When Taekwondo Strikes.
Alternative English title: Sting of the Dragon Masters. This alternative title tells nothing about the film. In fact misleading.

When Taekwondo Strikes (1973)
After the making of Hapkido (1972), it was only fair that the other - more notable - Korean national sport of Taekwondo was promoted as well.

Everything I said about Hapkido is applicable here, except that this movie is given an even greater focus on Korea than Hapkido.

As I mentioned in Hapkido, Sammo Hung co-starred wih many Angela Mao's movies, this 1 is no exception. But in this 1, he plays the bad guy (for a change) as a badass Japanese with long hair, and panda eyes (which makes the young Sammo cuddlier than usual). Jhoon Rhee, who's called the Father of American Taekwondo, also appeared in this and only movie.

The idea of forbearance, self-restraint is also very much the legacy of Bruce Lee, starting from his very 1st movie The Big Boss (1971). And this idea grew in Hapkido, and this movie. Luckily, the heroes in all the kungfu flicks have been pushed to the breaking points. Or else, we would no fighting in these kungfu flicks (only very pissed off heroes), which would be a bummer for the audience. Whatever woes befallen to our heroes are always there for the good enjoyment for the audience. Happy heroes always make miserable audience.

This is 1 of the earlier of a long line of patriotic kungfu flicks that was made, except this is a Korean patriotic kungfu flick made in HK.

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