Monday, 30 July 2007

We Are Going to Eat You (1980)

Chinese title: Hell Has No Doors.

Is this horror flick any good? That depends on your taste. Do you have a taste for cannibalism? I don't find cannibals tasty. In fact, people don't taste good in general (I heard). Cannibals probably taste more gamy than your average white collar type because cannibals are bred in the wild while the office workers are quite domesticated, especially those work from home. Their rumps are extra soft from all that sitting.

Cannibals probably taste - I say 'probably' because I haven't tasted myself -  more like chicken and crocodile while your typical white collar folks taste more like beef. My point is, if you're putting off by my writing, you haven't passed the test for viewing this movie (you get a F-). It's a black comedy with lots of slapstick, sexual and gallows humour. It also has plenty of martial arts action throw into the mix for good measure. The horror isn't too gross. Some decapitation and dismembered limbs here and there, and tastefully done (well, taste is relative). Nothing too excessive as it's a Cat 1 movie (going by this poster), and made in 1980.

We're Going to Eat YouBut if you're a great fan of Tsui Hark, and you had a swarm of butterflies flapping in your stomach right now because of what you've just read, just open your mouth and set them free. Here's a tip to get around the problem. Just watch the movie and have some vomit bags (and butterfly net) handy.

Minus the horror (like actors with interesting faces, and the girl holding the beating heart in her hands), it's really not that much different from early Jackie Chan's movies, say Drunken Master (1978). The slapstick are similarly acrobatic and broad (not as broad as Chan's). The similarity in choreographic slapstick is hardly coincidentally as Yuen Brosthers are responsible for both the actions in both movies.

Despite its flaws, it's an unqiue piece of HK cinema.

Warning: this horror flick can cause extreme boredom to hardcore gore-hounds.

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