Monday, 30 July 2007

The Sword (1980)

This wuxia is made at a time when SB was winding down its studio, which was best remembered the world over for their wuxia flicks, and to a small extent, Huangmeixi. So a new wave of new wuxia directors will be making their presence felt in this new era without SB.

Patrick Tam is 1 of those new wave of directors, including stalwart like Tsui Hark. And this is his debut film. So it would be tempting to compare it with the works of wuxia old hands from SB. This film shared similarity with Chor Yuen than Chang Cheh or King Hu's wuxia. If he's 10 yeas older, I imagine he would appear some of the role that Ti Lung played in Chor Yuen wuxia flicks.

This film's sentimental, and moody - an atmosphere enhanced by its slowing theme song, and the haunting Kitaro's sympathiser music (from memory) were being played softly in the background continuously. Adding to the music, and soft warm tone colour, and the longing glances, it all combines to gives it a sense of yearning that could never realised, a sense of loss, and regret of our lead played by Adam Cheng and his childhood love. All this is befitting for a wuxia romance, which wasn't really fully developed by  SB.

Adam Cheng played in many wuxia role, I find him so fitting for these period costume genre as if he is (or is it was?) a ancient Chinese swordsman who walks straight into the studio set from a time machine. Even his Chinese name sounds like somebody from the ancient past (the way Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee look like some 19th century Londoners to me).

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