Monday, 2 July 2007

The 14 Amazons (1972)

The 14 Amazons (1972)
Both this movie and Eight Diagram Pole Fighter are based on the story of the Yang Jia Jiang (the Clan of Yang Generals) with 2 major differences.

1. This movie focus the widows or female members of the Yang family. In fact, in this movie, ALL male members of the Yangs have died. While in Eight Diagram Pole Fighter, the focus is on the remaining male generals, especially the 5th son, (played by Gordon Liu).

2. This is a historical war epic drama while Eight Diagram Pole Fighter is essentially a martial art action flick.

This movie concentrates on battles - battle formations, battle scenes, and battle tactics. . It literally has a cast of thousands. There're some martial art actions, but it isn't a large part of the movie

While in Eight Diagram Pole Fighter, mano a mano fighting are the mainstay. In fact, there's hardly any large scale battle scenes in that action flick.

There's a number of memorable scenes, but the HUMAN LADDER spectacle had never been done before or ever since in Asian cinemas (I suspect in any cinemas. At least not over a gorge). Boys and girls, especially girls, don't EVER attempt this at home or over any chasm.

This film won 3 Golden Horse awards.

P.S. Read more at my other The 14 Amazons entry in my list under martial arts section for cross reference.

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