Sunday, 8 July 2007

Snake in the Eagle's Shadow (1978)

Snake in the Eagle's Shadow (1978)Jackie Chan, Like Bruce Lee's rise to fame 'seem' to have occurred overnight. In fact, both of them had been child stars. Jackie Chan had been in movie since he was 8. You could say he grew up in the movie studio.

Although he involved in movie since he was a little kid, and played extras and stuntman in many big films that in my list, he didn't have a leading role until late 1970s. This movie was the first when he achieved prominence in the kungfu hall of fame. He nearly gave up when his father questioned his career, "Are you going to fight like this until old age?" And he thought about it long and hard about quitting. Of course, this scenario only makes sense if the question was posed during the decades before the 1980s.

After realising that if he wasn't going to be the next Bruce Lee, he was going to be the opposite of Bruce Lee. Instead of being an invincible hero like Bruce Lee, he's going to be a comic hero. And someone once said - can't remember who - and I quote, "The Hero Dies, the Clown Comes on the Stage". Of course, this referred to Bruce Lee, and Jackie Chan. He made his own mark with his unique brand of slapstick kungfu action.

Well, Jackie Chan had made a smart career move. Unlike this movie title, he's the Snake that coming out of the Eagle's Shadow, and came up with his own style.

Even though his new name - Shing Lung - is forever cast a shadow over him, reminding this bit of history that he rather forgets. It's too late to change his name, and a whole new generation of audience wouldn't know the history behind the name anyway. Besides, the history showed how smart he was anyway to follow his own hearts instead of letting Lo Wei decide for him.

This movie put Jackie Chan on the map of the kungfu genre with his new found identity - the comedic hero.

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