Friday, 6 July 2007

Master of the Flying Guillotine (1976)

 a.k.a. One-Armed Boxer II.

Master of the Flying Guillotine (1976)Move aside, One-Armed Boxer, make room for the Flying Guillotine because the blind Tibetan monk is coming to town. This is a sequel to the One-Armed Boxer (1972), because of the success of The Flying Guillotine (1975) made a year earlier,  the One-Armed Boxer 2 title was renamed to The Master of the Flying Guillotine.

If you don't know what the mysterious, legendary flying guillotine looks like but is curious, or you have seen one on the History Channel but want to see one in action, this movie will satisfy you some way.

The martial artist - actually a monk - who's favourite weapon of choice is the deadly flying guillotine, is blind. So you get 2 handicapped martial experts having a death duel. But why just have a cripple and blind? Why just showing sword and flying guillotine. Let's have martial art tournament to include everything else (the idea of tournament, I've little doubt come from The Way of the Dragon. Also read what I wrote about this prequel). Let's include competitors who practise eagle claws, monkey boxing, etc. Let's include competitors who uses three jointed poles, and other weird Chinese weapons. Why limit to Chinese martial artists? Why not include Japanese, Javanese (no typo!), Indian Martial artists, and Muay Thai Boxer? You want variety? Be careful what you wish for; you're going to get it (so to speak, get it?). Plot? What plot? Who cares?

Actually this eclectic cast of international nationalities had appeared in the prequel, although they may have played by different actors. In terms of martial arts choreography, this 1 is less chop socky than its prequel.

If you want a madcap kungfu/wuxia and a don't-make-me-laugh and I-don't-know-what-genre-this-is-in flick, watch this then. I dare you.

This film is included in my IMDB movie list.

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