Monday, 2 July 2007

Intimate Confessions of a Chinese Courtesan (1972)

Chinese title: Love Slave.

Intimate Confessions of a Chinese Courtesan (1972)This movie adds a titillating twist to the popular nuxia subgenre since Come Drink with Me (1966). This is in fact a lesbian nuxia and revenge subgenres all rolled into 1.

SB didn't just make wuxia and kungfu flicks, they also produced a fair share of skin flicks. But these skin flicks are more bawdy than sleazy. Something more along the line of the Brits' Carry On series.

And whenever an erotic project is required, Li Han-Hisan was invariably called in for his service. But not this one. Because this 1 is more of wuxia than erotica.

Li Han-Hsian is considered to be 1 of the SB's 4 great directors, the other 3 being:
Chang Cheh is good at deliver bloody, macho wuxia with great drama.
King Hu brings atmosphere, mystery and innovation to wuxia.
Chor Yuen is much more interested in getting in touch with the more feminine side of wuxia, and also directed a lot of movies based on Ku Lung's novels.
If I have to add a 5th, I name Ho Meng-Hua, who's noted for his Monkey King's series. He was probably better known as the husband of Li Li-Hua, 1 of the Queen of Asian Cinema.

Chor Yuen drew some public criticism with the lesbian and torture scene.

This is a wuxia with some skin throws in, not the other way round.

More than a decade later in 1984, Chor Yuen decided to remake this movie due to the looser censorship, the result is 1 with a more titillating erotica with similar title, Lust for Love of a Chinese Courtesan. The remake has more T&A to fill the screen. In fact, the remake is closer to being a skin flick with some sword fights thrown in. Even its technical aspect is superior, there's even more character development, but somehow, it fails to deliver compare to this 1. This is the reason I don't include it in my list.

Warning: this film contains some frontal nudity of old men. Those bawdy topless old men give our heroine nightmares. Just watch them through the gaps of your hand to avoid nightmare or disgust.

This film is included in my IMDB movie list.

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