Saturday, 30 June 2007

Heads for Sale (1970)

English title: Heads for Sale.
Chinese title: Nuxia Sells Heads.

Heads for Sale (1970)
Another nuxia flick, and its number could only be matched by the inordinate amount of qing-gong (light or leaping) skills and roof hopping appeared in this picture. Qing-gong that were done by wires, as well as trampolines were fully exploited here to keep the audience's eyeballs rolling like watching tennis matches (in tennis, your eyes moves across left and right, while in this movie, your eyes move up and down. In both cases, good exercises for your eyes).

You know this wire-fu, trampoline-fu is new because of the frequent uses. It's like the 1st feature of the 3-D movie where they keep getting their onscreen characters to point their poles (or guns, or any pointy thingy) towards the audience. Why? Because they could do it now.

There were also dismembered body parts, not the least, heads. As you would see in this movie, severed head is very handy as trap to frame some1.

There's also a nice sword fighting scene on a very wobbly wooden suspension bridge that's hung over a chasm with gorgeous landscape. Our heroine falls through and hangs onto the underside of the bridge like gecko. People suffer from vertigo look away now. No, it doesn't look like this was done on a blue screen (may not have invented yet). It looks like a location shoot. Yipe!

Yes, there're a fair share of swordplay in this nuxia flick as well. In terms of actual swordplay, this movies is considerably more substantial than Chang Cheh's wuxia, which tend to very theatrical to look at with its 1-sweep-of-the-blade-to-kill-5-people action that he borrowed from the Japanese Samurai cinema. Nothing wrong with that. Just not the same style as the more 'realistic' sword fights that appear in this film. It's certainly harder and much busier to choreograph.

In terms of pushing technicals in wuxia, this 1 takes the cake.

This film is included in my IMDB movie list.

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