Sunday, 1 July 2007

Feng Fei Fei (1971)

English title: Lady with a Sword.

Feng Fei Fei (1971)"Feng Fei Fei" is the name of our heroine. This is another nice addition to the SB's nuxia sub-genre. This time the baton, or more accurately, the sword is being passed from Cheng Pei-pei to Lily Ho, who played Feng Fei Fei competently.

There're 2 things of note about this SB wuxia flick.

The 1st is that in addition to the usual amount of sword plays, it also has a fair amount of drama. More than the usual SB wuxia. The script gives our heroine a moral dilemma to solve. She gets down to business and solves it like the heroine that she is.

The 2nd thing is that this is a directorial debut of Kao Pao-Shu, who had been an actress with SB since 1952 decided to try her hand behind the camera. And she proved herself with this 1st SB production.

The kid with one tuft of hair did some fine acting, and some fancy acrobatic moves.

This movie continued the boom in wuxia in general, and nuxia in particularly since Come Drink with Me (1966) around the mid 1960s. The 5 years since could be considered Golden Age of Wuxia. There're more concentration of outputs and innovations in wuxia during this period than any other.

This film is included in my IMDB movie list.

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