Thursday, 6 September 2007

Forbidden City Cop (1996)

Forbidden City Cop (1996)
This is a send-up of the Chinese wuxia genre in general.

In the opening scene, 4 of the most legendary figures in the wuxia genre standing on a rooftop (as they often do in wuxia story, either because they look cooler up there, or it's actually cooler up there). They're none other than Simon Blows Snow, Xiao Li the Flying Dagger, Lu Xiaofeng, and one other (BTW, I'm writing all these from memory. There's ALWAYS one guy in a group whose name escape us). And these characters looks rather shabby, in fact, deliberately revolting! Quite far from the irresistible, dashing charmers that we all come to know. So if you aren't laughing out loud at this point, most of the jokes in this spoof is going to be completely lost on you.

Still, some of the more universal antics that are understood by all could still be had. Especially the many anachronistic and outlandish inventions in this flick like the pair of giant magnets.

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